Business Development

HELP WANTED - Member & Client Service Specialist

Hey Members -  We are hiring! We are in need of (2) Member & Client Service Specialists for our Remote Admin Program and we need your help to find them! CLICK HERE for more details and feel free to forward this link out to anyone you know who would suite this position!

Member & Client Service Specialist

Job Title: Member & Client Service Specialist
Department: Operations/Business Development
Reports To: Ryan Geschke, AVP New Business Development
Location: Appleton, WI | Advisors' Pride Home Office
Date Posted: 6/18/2018
Type: Full-Time
Status: Active

Summary of Essential Duties

The Member & Client Service Specialist is a role designed to handle a range of diverse, daily activities on behalf of our Financial Advisor clients and their investor clients. Independent financial advisors leveraging our program do not have the time or desire to search, hire, train, manage HR, payroll, taxes or benefits for their own office staff. Let our remote professionals fill any gaps at your office. The goal of our remote administrative assistant program is to provide excellent service to clients and to help our members become more efficient in their practice through communication and technology, and overall, save them money.